Sunday, 13 November 2011

MC's Room

My 18month old daughter never had a nursery. Throughout my pregnancy we were renovating our house and decorating never seemed as important as getting the walls up and roof on!
We finished renovating six months ago and her room is a still a blank canvas.  Im really excited by the idea of this project but haven't been able to find the motivation to actually do anything.  Its really time I did....

Its the best room in the house, but as time goes on and I get disheartened its becoming a real mess.

There are a few restrictions..... The blinds, the paint, and the cot.

With a toddler that didn't sleep well I had to have blinds made up quickly so we could move in once renovations were finished.  For the first time I actually made a decision on the spot, knowing that the longer I stayed in the fabric shop the harder the decision would be I was in and out in 15 minutes.  That must be some kind of record.

The paint colour is the same as the rest of the house and I actually like it so in order to save time and money the blinds and the paint are staying.

The other difficulty with this room is that I don't want to make anything permanent.  We will eventually need to move to a bigger home so its important that we can take things with us.

Over the next few months Im going to show the progress of this project.

To keep up to date jump over to projects and have a peek.

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  1. MC is going to be one happy little Vegemite with her room by the time you are done with it! Where did you get the blinds made? I love them